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Our Company:

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The company has extensive experience in building models since 1994 has been creating miniatures, replicas, sculptures, scenarios. Work done with accuracy and realism in every detail. We work with clients from all over Brazil with a focus in Brasilia DF.

Groups of products Maquetes Mundial:

Models of houses, buildings Models, Models of involvement of urban infrastructure, Models of organization of landscape and other environments, Models of parks organization, mockups standard buildings and industrial buildings, urban mockups.

Objectivity Professional:

 Collaborate work PUTTING OUR OUR knowledge into practice in favor of the contracting institution, in which we aim to SERVE, always focusing on the benefit and the SAME SATISFACTION.
ADAIL (president)
Always provide a quality service.
Always seeking perfection and wealth details on our services.
Maquetes Mundial (objective)
Transportation Safety.
Always prioritize transportation faster and safe delivery of our products.
Maquetes Mundial (objective)
In everything we serve, our client is and always will be our top priority, more than that will always be the reason for our work.
Maquetes Mundial (objective)